Why Getting A Home Inspection Before Selling Your Home Is Important

It doesn’t matter if the real estate market is in the upswing or down, selling a home is similar to a competition. The goal is to have the most appealing home in the area, a home that stands out above the others as the preferred one to purchase. There are a few ways to do just that. Enhancing curb appeal always helps to get prospective buyers in the door, but by going one step further and having a completed SACRAMENTO HOME INSPECTION report available, helps to reassure any interested prospects that the home has been well taken care of and there are no hidden repairs lurking just behind the door, waiting to pop out after the home sale is complete. Though the prospective home buyer may be required, by their lender, to get a home inspection done, having a completed inspection prior to listing the home lessens the chances of any surprise issues coming up.

The home may look good during a showing, there are always concerns about the unseen. Are the appliances on the verge of breakdown or the air conditioning unit on its last leg? Maybe the roof is ready for replacement or the wiring or plumbing is insufficient for the home and must be updated. Some of these issues, such as an inoperable system, can be quite costly. If determined at the last minute, when the buyer has an inspection, the problem or problems found can turn into a deal breaker or cause the seller to be forced to drop a sizable amount off the home sale price just to compensate for the unexpected repair.

Choosing to have a home inspection done prior to listing the home, allows the seller to be aware of any possible issues. This gives them time to complete the repairs prior to listing, comparing prices for the best deal or by doing it themselves, depending on the problems determined. If it is something that the homeowner chooses not to repair, it can be disclosed and the home price adjusted initially, instead of unexpectedly reducing the price days before closing just to hold the deal together.

Though a home inspection is usually thought of as a buyer’s protection Windows, it clearly can be used to aid sellers. It allows them to be prepared and fully informed before listing their home, gives them time to repair any problems and price the home accordingly. This preparation helps to ensure the buyer’s inspection will go positively and the home sale will be completed without any issue.

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